2006 Men’s World Lacrosse Championships

Bermuda debuted on the international lacrosse stage in London, Ontario in the World Lacrosse Championships.  Bermuda was led by some of the founding members of the Bermuda Lacrosse Association and finished 21st in the world lacrosse standings.


2008 Boys’ U-19 World Lacrosse Championships

As the sport became more popular, a younger generation of Bermudian lacrosse players emerged. In 2008, Bermuda traveled to Coquitlam, British Colombia to compete in the U-19 World Lacrosse Championships. The team faced Germany, Scotland, Finland, Wales and South Korea on its way to a top ten finish in the world lacrosse standings. The tournament was another step forward in the development of lacrosse in Bermuda and two of its players were selected to the All-World Honorable Mention Team.  


2010 Men’s World Lacrosse Championships

The Bermuda Men’s National Team traveled to Manchester, England in 2010 to compete against the best lacrosse players from 30 different nations. Bermuda continued to ride its positive momentum in defeating Denmark, Norway and Latvia on their way to an 18th place finish in the World Lacrosse Championships.  


2014 Men’s World Lacrosse Championships

In the largest and most competitive World Lacrosse Championships to date, Bermuda traveled to Denver, USA and proved it was up to the task. Bermuda finished second in its division for the first time in team history after facing Ireland, France and Uganda. Despite losing more than half of its roster to injuries during the tournament, Bermuda was able to finish 24th out of a field of 38 different countries. 


2016 U-19 Boys’s World Lacrosse Championships/ 2018 Men’s World Lacrosse Championships

Bermuda is still actively recruiting and training athletes aspiring to represent their country on the international stage.  If you are interested, please view the Join the Bermuda Men’s National Lacrosse Team and contact us.