Lacrosse in Bermuda has its foundations in the 1980s and 1990s when US high school and collegiate teams visited the island during spring break to participate in training camps and preseason tournaments in the warmer winter climate.


The Bermuda Lacrosse Association’s genesis was in 2002 when a Bermudian, Kirk Bridgewater and two expatriates American Andy Soucie and Canadian Ernie Theriault attempted to bring together a recreational game of lacrosse on the island. Initial pick-up games were played at Bernard Park with any available gear on the island. Equipment was so sparse the goals initially consisted of garbage cans and parking gate fences until nets were constructed from PVC pipe and fishing net, items readily available on the island.

The fast pace and physical nature of Lacrosse piqued the interest of many of the island’s athletes and the number of players grew exponentially. Official lacrosse goals and gear were imported from the United States and weekly pickup games were organized. In 2004, the first Bermudian Tri-Nations tournament featured three local teams representing Bermuda, Canada and the United States.